Orange Island

Metaversatility is Orange's primary partner agency for virtual worlds. We have thusfar adapted the dynamic and highly recognizable Orange brand into the 3D, social environment of Second Life, nurturing the creation of Orange Island from early concept design through completion. The project includes 3D design, 2D graphic design, Second Life building and scripting, web implementation, database integration, and programming. We worked closely with Orange team members and brand management to produce an outstanding, beautiful, branded Second Life presence..

Additionally, Metaversatility is leading the Orange Island community management team. We are designing, planning, and executing a varied and exciting events schedule, training Orange staff, providing complete PR and marketing for Orange Island events, and providing valuable market research data and feedback on the growing Orange Island community.
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Club Scion in There

The design philosophy behind Scion's entrance in the virtual world of There was simple: highly interactive, fun, and brand-faithful. Metaversatility designed and implemented three large-scale versions of each Scion car model, each serving as a a uniquely interactive and highly navigable environment for exploration and socialization. Complete with hot tubs, unique furnishings, interactive kiosks, and transparent glass platforms, the builds are aimed to familiarize visitors with the the nuanced features of each vehicle, while serving as immersive and enjoyable social spaces.
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The Tower

Developed as EMI's first step into the virtual world of There, The Tower is an environment fit for the most elaborate blended reality artist party. Playing host to special guests such as Interpol, Korn, the Beastie Boys & Yellowcard, The Tower features all the accoutrement of a world-class rock 'n roll xanadu. Located in over 10 mirrored locations around There, The Tower featuers a main space: the massively overhauled interior of an abandoned factory, a plush environment fitted with a bar, custom furnishings, and a gigantic movie screen. Adjacent to the warehouse is the VIP room, a retrofitted water tower whose interior can only be experienced, not retold.
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NewMarket Films
The Nines ARG

Month-long alternate reality game to promote 'The Nines,' a tri-partite suspense film about virtual worlds produced by New Market, and written and directed by John August (Big Fish, Go, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory). The experience was shaped to effectively blend reality and fiction, corporality and virtuality. In the process, it was essential that we closely monitor user behavior and dialogue, allowing us to create the story reflexively, in a truly dynamic way. The game the took players through various applications and media, including fabricated blogs & news sites, articles in New York Times & Variety, and a detailed virtual hub site in Second Life.
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AMD Developer Central

AMD Developer Central Island is located within the Second Life Developer Archipelago, a series of interconnected islands dedicated to the SL developer community at large. The Central Pavilion includes the AMD Auditorium, a formal place for tech chat-style events and the AMD Display Hall, a virtual exhibition hall featuring interactive booths, scripted banners, informal gathering places and streaming videos. In addition, the SL presence serves as a complementary extension of AMDs Developer Central site (


New York Law School
NYLS Community Patent Review

Sponsored by New York Law School and the USPTO, the peer-to-patent project leverages the power of the Internet to democratize the patent examination process. Located on Democracy Island, the peer-to-patent space invites Second Life residents to participate in the process of community patent review. In addition to a public ampitheater that hosts gatherings related to intellectual property, the site includes a park-like patent display area.
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KRTU FM 91.7
KRTU Virtual Jazz Studios

The KRTU jazz music complex brings one of the Gulf Coast's leading jazz radio stations into the virtual world. Featuring a recording studio, broadcast booth, archive library, and listening lounge, the space fosters community among jazz fans both locally and globally. Among the most interesting implementations are blended reality performances, live and archived programming selections, as well as access to jazz publications and news. KRTU is now considering ways that their presence in Second Life can drive more memberships during the bi-annual pledge drives. KRTU is a project of Trinity University, a secular liberal arts college in San Antonio. (
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ICANN Conference Center

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for assigning domain names and internet addresses to the entire global Internet. One of the major challenges faced by this nonprofit corporation is the task of ensuring that interested individuals around the world have the chance to participate. Working closely with a member of ICANN's "at large" advisory board, Metaversatility built a space that will extend the organization's global reach. We designed conference rooms and auditoriums as a site for correspondence, team meetings, and post-conference gatherings.
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Capozzi Winery & Vineyard

The Capozzi Winery started as an enterprise with a unique approach: blog the development process of starting a winery from start to finish. The next obvious step for the technophilic winery was to build out a virtual vineyard, complete with an engaging and educational wine-making game and promotional competitions. The Capozzi vineyard in Second Life offers a space for communal enjoyment and learning about the wine-making process, bringing the user into the relaxed environment of the Russian River Valley, (
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