Orange Island

Community and events space for France Telecom

Metaversatility is Orange's primary partner agency for virtual worlds. We have thusfar adapted the dynamic and highly recognizable Orange brand into the 3D, social environment of Second Life, nurturing the creation of Orange Island from early concept design through completion. The project includes 3D Design, 2D graphic design, Second Life building and scripting, web implementation, database integration, and programming. We worked closedly with Orange team members and brand management to produce an outstanding, beautiful branded Second Life presence.

Additionally, Metaversatility led the Orange Island community management team for two years. We designed, planned, and executed a varied and exciting events schedule, provded complete PR and marketing for Orange Island events, and provided valuable market research data and feedback on the growing Orange Island community. We trained Orange community staff to continue this work, and the Orange Island community is one of the most active brand-sponsored communities in Second Life.

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Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that focuses on design, content development and machinima for on-line spaces. From transnational corporations and broadcast media to nonprofit agencies and educational institutions, we have put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of a diverse range of visionary organizations, including...