Orwell Comes to the Metaverse

This documentary short was written in collaboration with USC Annenberg, presented prior to USC Dean Ernest Wilson's keynote at 'There You Go Again,' a NYPL academic conference on propaganda and political persuasion in new media. Debuted to an audience of some of the world' leading journalists, academics and policy makers, the film serves as brief tour of the metaverse, and a roadmap for the implications of virtual worlds in the vein of propaganda and control.


Orange Island

Half music video, half guided tour, this short provides an overview of the robust environment and international community built by Metaversatility and Orange (France Telecom). From the aural cloud that provides a medley of body-triggered sounds, to the well-attended identity summit and original avatar presentation, Orange continues to develop new and interesting ways to engage the community and provide a platform of communal interaction and expression. This video is no exception.


Metaversatility: Ready to Create?

Commemorating the birth of Metaversatility, this short exploration demonstrates commonly recurring MV-thematic elements: malleable identity, blended reality, user-created content; some of the life-blood of the metaverse.

The Nines: Is That All There Is?

Month-long alternate reality game to promote 'The Nines,' a tri-partite suspense film about virtual worlds produced by New Market, and written and directed by John August (Big Fish, Go, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory). The experience was shaped to effectively blend reality and fiction, corporality and virtuality. In the process, it was essential that we closely monitor user behavior and dialogue, allowing us to create the story reflexively, in a truly dynamic way.


Next Island

Next Island was Metaversatility's first demo project developed upon the Multiverse platform. This social virtual space provides augmentation to existing television content, and includes fully interactive comedy club, dance club, flight school, arcade, and so forth. It is currently in early alpha.




Greetings from MV

Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that focuses on design, content development and machinima for on-line spaces. From transnational corporations and broadcast media to nonprofit agencies and educational institutions, we have put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of a diverse range of visionary organizations, including...