The Tower

EMI (Capitol Music Group)

Developed as EMI's first step into the virtual world of There, The Tower is an environment fit for the most elaborate blended reality artist party. Playing host to special guests such as Interpol, Korn, the Beastie Boys & Yellowcard, The Tower features all the accoutrement of a world-class rock 'n roll xanadu. Located in over 10 mirrored locations around There, The Tower featuers a main space: the massively overhauled interior of an abandoned factory, a plush environment fitted with a bar, custom furnishings, and a gigantic movie screen. Adjacent to the warehouse is the VIP room, a retrofitted water tower whose interior can only be experienced, not retold

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Greetings from MV

Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that focuses on design, content development and machinima for on-line spaces. From transnational corporations and broadcast media to nonprofit agencies and educational institutions, we have put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of a diverse range of visionary organizations, including...