Metaversatility Inducted Into SL Gold Program
04.02.2010 21:47:33

We are among a few companies recently included in the group of Second Life Gold Solution Providers.

The newest Gold Program members continue to reflect the strength and diversity of the experience, skill, and clients engaged by the Second Life Solution Provider community. Some of the projects that they have developed and provided for prominent companies, organizations, and educational and government institutions include:

  • Developing simulations for training nurses at a major national hospital
  • Building and managing a large community of residents around an international telecom brand
  • Managing and running a long running popular show held in Second Life on enterprise uses of virtual worlds, integrating inworld, real world and  web experiences
  • Organizing and managing large internal conference for a major IT company
  • Partnering with a major US fitness chain and a university to develop and integrate use of Second Life into a weight loss program
  • Working closely with client to leverage Second Life to research and explore and the role of virtual worlds in the the future of the workforce

More information on the Second Life In-World Blog.


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Orange Island MEGAFOTO
30.10.2009 20:21:28

This collage is one of my personal favorite results of our 3-year Orange campaign :). Click to see full-size, but be forewarned: it's a doozy

Tags: france telecom | collage | second life | orange

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Did You Know?
23.10.2009 21:46:07

Karl Fisch & Scott McLeod put this fantastic little piece together...


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Greetings from MV

Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that focuses on design, content development and machinima for on-line spaces. From transnational corporations and broadcast media to nonprofit agencies and educational institutions, we have put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of a diverse range of visionary organizations, including...