Orange Island MEGAFOTO
30.10.2009 20:21:28

This collage is one of my personal favorite results of our 3-year Orange campaign :). Click to see full-size, but be forewarned: it's a doozy

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Did You Know?
23.10.2009 21:46:07

Karl Fisch & Scott McLeod put this fantastic little piece together...


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Metaversatility Interview of Artificial GI Researcher Itamar Arel by Sander Olson
23.10.2009 08:34:00

Looks like the singularity is nearer than we thought. This interview was linked by friend and contemporary Ben Goertzel from Novamente, with whom we worked on some modest content dev a while back. Worth a read.


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Idea Exchange
20.10.2009 12:14:22

Today, we hosted our third Idea Exchange discussion with Idea City, but it was the very first audio-based event. Ellen interviewed Michael Schutzler on TalkShoe about his leadership experience and newly released book, Inspiring Excellence. The interview was streamed live into Second Life and Metaplace, and the text chat was bridged between the worlds. You can listen to the entire interview here.

About Michael Schutzler:

Michael SchutzlerMichael Schutzler is a successful business coach with more than a dozen years experience coaching and mentoring CEOs, executives, and board members. Michael developed a passion for and expertise in leadership over the course of twenty-five years in a wide variety of executive and management roles in notable companies, including Harris Corporation, RR Donnelley & Sons,, and RealNetworks.

As an independent venture investor, he has helped launch more than a dozen Internet and technology companies. Michael has also served in leadership roles in nonprofit organizations and public school committees. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics from the W. E. Simon School at University of Rochester and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.


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