Our Story

Metaversatility History

Metaversatility was incorporated October of 2006 as a collaboration of virtual worlds professionals. Since then, we have grown to a team of over twenty and expanded our horizons from a Second Life concentration to become a truly platform agnostic development company. We focus on providing the right solution for each job, and concentrate on 3D social virtual worlds development. We have a commitment to high quality visuals and innovative, intuitive technology.

In the past three years, Metaversatility has emerged as an industry leader in the virtual worlds space. We have sponsored and attended numerous industry-foundation conferences and events such as Virtual Worlds Conference (2007, 2007 Fall, 2008, 2008 Expo), Game Developers Conference 2009 – Worlds in Motion, Metaverse Roadmap, Metaverse U Stanford, and State of Play. Metaversatility employees sit on the boards of the Open Metaverse Foundation and have been recognized in media from blogs to magazines, and routinely participate in industry-expanding discussion and forums.

As we continue to grow, Metaversatility is focusing on quality and sustainability. We have made a number of strategic partnerships that allow us to scale up for larger projects while still maintaining a high quality, experienced core team of virtual worlds content and management experts.